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Chapter 1 here:

As I said, writing is a way of me directing a movie in my head. So, I thought I’d show you what the cast of ARTSY looked like :D. You might like it, you might not. If it’s the latter case that applies, just take it as a joke xD.

Here we go:

1. Andrea
Add the blue highlight for yourself :D

2. Esmée/Tori
The love of my life. Again, change the hair colour :D!

3. Kat
This girl is the reason why I love girls =]]

4. Chantelle (She hasn’t made an appearance yet, but you’ll see)
The girl in my dream (which recurred xD)

5. Mandy
I dont know why, but I think she's very highschool-y

6. Kyle
Cutie McPretty :D

Also, I want to acknowledge Kayla Radomski (a dancer on SYTYCD season 5 <3) for inspiring me. She's the reason why I started writing this story 🙂


One Comment

  1. I read it all 2day..its great…
    Hope u finish it soooooon.
    Loving the cast aswell..
    Keep up gal, ur awesome..!


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