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Monthly Archives: September 2009

This is Chapter 2 for ARTSY. Sorry for the late update and I’m afraid the next chapters won’t be out anytime soon. I’ve exams next month which will last until November, so I don’t think I can spend much time on this, even though I really want to. So… your patience will really be appreciated. So are your comments :P.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy and have a nice day 🙂


Chapter 1 here:


The First Confrontation

Taking short looks at the two sides of the hallway, Andrea decided it was safe to leave the dance studio. Inwardly, she felt thankful that the school had given her the whole Dance Studio 1, also the biggest studio, just for the “little” performance at the end of the term. Being granted full authority to decide the accessibility of the room, Andrea was glad she could use it as a place to avoid people, by which she meant Mandy. Ever since that Ez-mee girl started dancing, she had been cursing herself silently for telling Mandy that she’d definitely get through the audition. Now that Andrea understood why Asian people said you couldn’t foretell anything, it was too late. She’d have to face Mandy and listen to her mental breakdown sooner or later, however Andrea decided it was better later rather than sooner.

Throwing some last glances at the empty hallway, she began to leave the studio, pulling up her hood in the process. Just in case. One can never be too careful.


A thunderous sound of her name, strangely familiar, echoed in the hallway, startling Andrea. Damn Mandy and her perfect timing. Taking a deep breath, Andrea turned around to face her friend, ready for the worst. Apparently she was right. One can never be too careful.

The day after came before Andrea knew it, that was the first day Andrea and her newly chosen partner practiced together. Checking the clock for the millionth time, she let out a frustrated sigh, not understanding why she had woken up to go to school so early. An hour spent on makeup and choosing the best outfit didn’t stop her from being in school 30 minutes earlier. Then again, why did she even waste so much time in front of the mirror today? It wasn’t normal, and Andrea didn’t have any explanation for it. Either that or she’d rather not have one.

Time went by, very slowly might Andrea add. It was two minutes before the practice started and Ez-mae was nowhere in sight. Sitting alone in the studio, Andrea could feel her patience starting to vanish. In attempt to calm herself down, she started walking back and forth, thinking of what she was going to say when Ez-mae came. Lost in her thought, Andrea didn’t even notice someone entering the studio, someone whose deep brown eyes were set on her, sending the most curious glances.

“Are you going to stop walking or what?”

British accent always had some impact on Andrea and this time was no exception. The girl’s voice made Andrea’s legs freeze immediately, her head snapped up and her mouth disabled. Ez-mae looked good today with her hair up in a messy bun and her sculptured body accentuated by a boyfriend shirt, black leggings and knee-length boots. Saying that she looked good was actually an understatement. She was breathtaking, which was probably why Andrea was holding her breath. Wait. What?

Slapping herself mentally, Andrea cleared her throat, desperately trying to keep her cool with the most indifferent expression she managed to put on. Lifting her chin up a notch or two, Andrea began to speak.


“Hello. You must be Andrea Moss.”

Ahn-dre-ah. The name replayed itself in Andrea’s mind instantly, making her smile at how different her name sounded on Esmé’s lips. Ahn-drea-ah. How cute! Ahn-drea-ah. UGH stop it!!

Realising how ridiculous she was being, Andrea shook her head, forcing herself out of whatever thoughts coming to her mind. Andrea turned her back to Esmé, consciously avoided beautiful brown eyes. Drawing in a deep breath, she spoke softly: “Yeah. I’m An-dre-a. Let’s start.”

As the practice went on, Andrea became more and more amazed by Esmée’s techniques. Even though she just started with Andrea’s routine, Esmée’s movements were so fluid that for a moment, Andrea actually thought that this English girl had no bones. Either that or she was made of water, or both. What dazzled Andrea the most, though, was the passion the girl with the red streak put into the dance. Andrea would never say it out loud, but there was fire in the girl’s eyes, so fiery that if Andrea had looked into those eyes a second longer, she would’ve been burnt. The good thing was, with the heat from Esmée’s ardor, Andrea’s eagerness to make the dance spectacular was multiplied. As much as Andrea hated to admit it, there was obvious chemistry between the two once they start dancing. On the other hand, this seemingly good thing brought Andrea to a situation whereby she looked like Esmée’s lover. That, surely, was trouble.

Damn it! Andrea swore inwardly as the bell went off, indicating the end of the practice. Even though the practice had gone well, there were a few more movements they needed to master in order to accomplish the first half of the routine. To tell the truth, it wasn’t like there was not enough time for Andrea to finish the remaining part, but it was better to practice more so that the final show would be perfect. Right?

Unfortunately, it seemed like Andrea was the only one who thought so. Esmée, on the other hand, appeared to be in a rush as she immediately proceeded to packing up, without even looking back at Andrea. Biting her lips, Andrea stared at the English girl’s back, trying hard to think of a way to start speaking.

“Look, Ez-mee, I mean Ez-mae.”. Nice. Now you sound like an idiot.

“Yes?”. British people always said “yes”. Not “yeah”, not “what’s up?” but “yes”, thought Andrea.

“Um actually, you’re not supposed to be leaving now. We still have some more steps to learn.”

“Can’t we wait until tomorrow? School’s ended, I’m sure you’ve heard the bell.”, Esmée has now stopped packing, turning back to face Andrea, confusion evident on her face.

“Well yeah, school has ended. But as the person in charge of this project, I need you to stay back for practice. I’m the person who chose you, so if you still want to participate, I think it’s the best for you to cooperate.”, Andrea finally broke the news, not in the way she intended to but in an even better way. How much she had missed being superior!

Andrea had expected a shocked, or even terrified look on Esmée’s face ever since she finished her previous statement. To her dislike, Esmée showed none of this. Instead, the girl just blinked and frowned. And God forbade that her frown was anything but sexy. Ever slowly, her frown slowly turned upside down. Why in the hell was Esmé Russell smiling?

“I see. Let’s get it clear once and for all. I am cooperating with you, and it is not your choice whether I will participate. I got in this project by myself, and both of us know that you can’t kick me out. Now if you excuse me, I’ve to run.”

For the first time in her life, Andrea understood what tongue-tied meant. Not bothering to keep her guard, Andrea opened her eyes wide, gasping. She did not just say that. Conscious of Andrea’s reaction, Esmée looked into the other girl’s eyes, found something very interesting in there and smiled. Andrea’s blue eyes had always been Esmée’s brown ones’ favorite place as they reminded her of the colour of the sea. Before letting herself drown in the ocean and making Andrea the happiest person on Earth, Esmée tore her gaze away, turned on her heels and walked out of the room, leaving a very stunned redhead behind without saying a word.

Andrea slammed the studio’s door shut. Stomping on the floor, she dashed out of the school, fully aware of the rage starting to take over her body. That nasty English brat had humiliated Andrea in the middle of her favorite studio and she could not do anything about it. To make things worse, what the English patient said was also right. Nasty, but right. Andrea had no right to throw Esmée out of the routine. So much for being just, thought Andrea bitterly. If only she had chosen Mandy instead of this girl, even though everyone knew Esmé was the only one that was compatible. Then again, did Andrea choose Esmée solely because she was the best? Of course I did, what was she even thinking about?

Andrea managed to catch the train just before it departed. Damn public transport, she thought, it always made her run and out of breath. So much for a lady’s image. If Esmée Russell saw her on any kind of public transport, she’d probably laugh her eyes out. That British girl had always managed to look flawless, from her hair, her outfit to her facial expression. Everything she did, no matter how unpleasant, was elegant. Royal, even, which was why Andrea felt a sudden hatred towards the girl. Esmée Russell probably thought she was the Queen or something. The British’s problem, probably. With the picture of Esmée wearing a retro long dress with corset inside and a crown on her head painted in her mind, Andrea cracked into a smile. Maybe the idea of Esmée being a Queen wasn’t that bad after all.

“Andie! You looked like a complete mess. What did American transport system do to you?” Kat exclaimed, then sighed dramatically before pulling Andrea into a hug. Andrea rolled her eyes. As cool as Kat always was, she sometimes reminded her of Mandy. Even though Kat had dyed her hair to the darkest shade of brown, deep deep down, she was still a blonde.

“Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to breathe.” Andrea muttered while rescueing herself from suffocation as she drew back from the hug.

“Aww, of course it was a compliment.” Andrea rolled her eyes again. “How was your day?”

“It was a complete disaster.” Andrea began to speak, ready to spill out all her frustration accumulated in two whole day. However, she decided it was the best not to do it in Kat’s bar, otherwise she’d probably be murdered later by her best friend’s forceful fan club. “You know what? I don’t even want to talk about it.”.

Kat gave her friend the most sympathetic smile as she lightly squeezed Andrea’s shoulder, letting her know she could always turned to her for support. Something abruptly popped up in her mind as she almost jumped. Almost.

“Andie, I want you to meet someone. You’re going to love her.” Kat said excitedly. She couldn’t wait for her best friend to meet this wonderful girl that took her breath away. “Tori! I need you here.” She shouted, her body suddenly chilled.

Andrea was indeed intrigued by her friend’s unusual excitement. Even though Kat had an enormous amount of charm with her, since the two first met, she had never been so enthusiastic talking about a girl. The lady she was going to meet must be really special to make the bartender all psyched.

“Andie, this is my new assistant, Tori.”

Andrea slowly looked up, ready to flash her best smile at Kat’s new “someone”. Her mouth corners had started to twitch up, but stopped halfway when she saw something familiar. Deep brown eyes, black hair with one rebellious red streak, flawless skin, sculptured body, everything was so strangely and painfully familiar.

“Ez-mae” Andrea didn’t know if she called the British girl’s name out loud or if it was only in her head. Her voice was so throaty, so deep that for a moment, she wasn’t even sure if she herself heard it.

“Small world, eh?”

There was only one thing Andrea knew at that moment: Esmée’s voice was husky all the same.

Chapter 3: