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SO… this is my first story EVER. A proper one, I mean, the one that’s not in my composition assignments 😐

‘Artsy’ is a story about two dancers’ relationship. Andrea Moss is a legendary student in Victoire School of Arts and Esmée/Tori is a transferred student from England. Their first encounters are awkward and full of hostility, especially from Andrea’s side. Andrea and Esmée eventually find out about their mutual acquaintance: Kat, the ‘indie’ bartender of the most popular bar in town and also Andrea’s best friend. Andrea hates Esmée more as time goes by, for reasons she knows but will never say. Kat’s exciting life is disrupted as the seemingly high and mighty supermodel Chantelle Jacqueline steps into her bar.

Wow. I just realised that I sucked at summary. Anyway, you get the idea. Hope you’ll stick with this. I’m trying to make my writing shorter and more coherent, but it seems I’ve a lot to learn.



  1. All_Jazz,

    Saw your thread, launched this webpage and I must say I am very impressed. Only 17, eh? Is this a blog? If so, is your work copyrighted when published under this site? You have an enormous amount of raw talent and there is a whole market screaming for lesbian fiction. I love the story and look forward to reading more.

    • Teri,

      Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciated it (not just because it’s a compliment :P). This is not really a blog, because I only use it to post my stories. No, I don’t think it’s copyrighted, because I don’t know how to gain copyright. It’d be great if you could tell me how to do that.
      I’m writing the next parts of the story, but it’s progressing really slowly because of exams coming. Plus my inspiration has gone for holiday, I think. I finished the first chapter in less than an hour but these days I can sit for the whole evening without typing anything. So yeah, I’m trying but please be patient.

      Again, thanks for reading. I’m doing my best to update it fast :).


  2. A.G.,

    Exams first, inspiration will follow. Too much on your plate makes it difficult to focus on any one thing. Copyright laws vary. Google and see what’s involved, after exams. If you need help, send email. Be glad to assist. Study hard, play hard…best of luck!

    Aspire to inspire…

    • Teri,

      Thanks a lot for the blessing 🙂 I’ll probably put my story on a hiatus for these two months, to prepare for my exam. After all, that’s what I promised my father before he bought me my MacBook Pro :P.

      Thankfully, I’ve managed to complete Chapter 2, so please do tell me what you think. I think the new chapter is a bit uninspiring though. I really need to improve on my English, I guess (it’s only my second language 😦 ). Anyway, I hope it’s not too bad for you 🙂

      Have a nice day!

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